Simple and Reliable Operation

The MistAway Mist Collector is a revolutionary new media type oil mist collector (Patent #8758487) that was designed to solve the problems of other mist collectors currently on the market. The Mistaway uses a very efficient fan and low restriction filters, making it very cost effective and economical in use. The electricity savings alone (over using most other mist collectors) will usually offset the cost of replacement filters.

MistAway Does Not Produce Ozone or Lose Efficiency

*Electrostatic Units require frequent cleaning of collection plates to maintain effectiveness. As electronic collection plates get dirty, arcing could occur and this produces ozone (a known health hazard and lung irritant). Also, as collection plates get dirty, they lose efficiency and mist laden air could pass through the filter. Collection Plates are delicate and are easily damaged in the cleaning process.

No Rotating Drums To Go Out Of Balance

*Centrifugal Mist Collectors could vibrate excessively in use. If metal fines are pulled onto the unit, or filters/drum become unbalanced, the rotating drum begins to vibrate excessively. The vibrations are then transferred to the machine tool. At this point filter replacement is usually necessary. To replace these filters the unit requires disassembly and complete cleaning of the rotating drum, and special filters are required and installed on the drum.