Testimonials From Mistaway Customers

We have three Abrasive Cut-off Machines in our facility that are used to cut dental alloy. These machines came equipped with its own Mist Collector that made a lot of noise but did not collect much of the mist or filter out fumes. Initially we installed a Mistaway on one of our machines. We found that the noise levels went down and that the fumes were being filtered out. After a few months of operation the employees were asking me to equip the other two saws with the same Mistaway Mist Collectors which I did. What my employees like about these Mistaways is how well they collect mist and fumes from these saws, secondly how quietly they operate, and lastly the ease of replacing the filters. Thanks
Director of Manufacturing CMP Industries
We typically have a lot of mist issues, so they have been getting a very good workout and evaluation in our shop. To show you how much the guys like them, we have a centrifugal mist collector that we pulled off of a surplus machine, and the guys don’t even want to mount it up. The centrifugal type mist collector units do a good job, but they are very noisy, even at half the flow of your Mistaway. BTW, we love the flow meter. With the centrifugal mist collectors, you never really know if it is running acceptably or needs to be serviced.
Mark, Kenworthy Machine
We are running a Mistaway unit on 32mm screw machine and creates quite a bit of oil fog as it has a large capacity coolant pump and the cuts are heavy and hot. Your filter works great! Great product at unbeatable price. Thank you
Decker Machine Works
The Mistaway units are very quiet and do not vibrate at all. Previous Mist collectors that we have used vibrated excessively and interfered with our ability to hold the close tolerances that are required. The Mistaway units are very effective and have been working maintenance free for almost a year and counting. We purchaced a total of 14 of your Mistaway units over the past year, and my employees and I are very happy with them. Thanks
VacDev Corp.
We are happy to extend our happiness with our Mistaway units and the great service we receive from your company when ordering these units – very quick and professional!! Thanks
We recently installed Mistaway units on three of our Mazak CNC machines with outstanding results. The Mistaway unit not only removes the mist, smoke and odors but runs quietly. Our machinists are very pleased with this product. We at Solmac recommend the Mistaway and we plan to purchase new units for the rest of our machines and for future machine purchases.
John, GM
Solmac Inc.

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