Mistaway Frequently Asked Questions

The Mistaway mist collector utilizes a simple design of progressive filtration and is very effective and reliable. The Mistaway unit uses inexpensive filters that are easily accessed and quick and easy to change or service. Mistaway has both a low initial cost and low overall operating cost. The Mistaway uses a very efficient fan and low restriction filters, thus saving energy and electricity. The Mistaway also produces much less noise than most other mist collectors.
There are basically three types of mist collectors: media, centrifugal, and electrostatic. The Mistaway is a new patented media type of mist collector that uses panel filters. Mist is drawn into the Mistaway from the bottom, the mist coalesces on the filters and then drips off returning through the bottom intake. The filters in the Mistaway are inexpensive and are quickly and easily accessed for service or replacement. Centrifugal mist collectors have filters mounted on a rotating wheel that usually also works as a fan. This type tends to go out of balance and vibrate excessively as the filters become loaded and/or the wheel needs cleaning. Maintenance requires disassembly of the unit to access the rotating wheel and new filters are installed on the wheel. Electrostatic types use the principles of static electricity and use a high voltage power supply to electrify metal plates in the filter to attract mist to the plates. Cleaning the filter is troublesome because particulates can become well adhered to the delicate metal plates and small wires inside the filter. When the filter gets dirty the plates continually arc and a repeated snapping noise is heard. At this point the filter becomes ineffective and mist bypasses the filter and mist is emitted along with ozone gas. Ozone gas is a known health hazard and is regarded as toxic. Due to the dangers of ozone gas many companies have decided to remove electrostatic mist collectors from service.
Roughly measure the inside of the enclosure and determine the approximate internal cubic feet. For best results change the air in the enclosure approximately 3 to 5 times per minute. For example: Enclosure = 4ft x 5ft x 8ft = 160 cu.ft. The MA700 = 700 CFM. 700 CFM/160 Cu.ft. = 4.3 air changes per minute. The MA700 would change the air 4.3 times per minute and would be a good fit for this application. See instruction manual for more info on mist collector sizing (instruction manuals are located on the download files area of product pages in the Mistaway store). There are four Mistaway models: MA400 (400 CFM), MA700 (700 CFM), MA1000 (1000 CFM) and MA1200 (1200 CFM). For very large machine applications two or more MA1200’s can be installed. The MA1000 is a higher pressure and CFM version of the MA700 and includes an on/off switch and variable speed setting on front of the unit. An optional speed control unit could be added to fine tune the CFM of the MA400, MA700, and MA1200.
The Mistaway can be installed using several methods, please refer to the instruction manual (located on the download files area of mist collector product page in the Mistaway store) for more info. 1) The Mistaway can be direct mounted (Cut an opening in the enclosure top to match the Mistaway intake and bolt the Mistaway unit directly to the top of the machine). 2) The Mistaway can be installed to a round enclosure top opening using a Mounting Plate (see Installation Accessories). 3) The Mistaway can be mounted on a Floor or Machine Stand, or hung from the Ceiling, or Wall Mounted, and a duct can be run from the machine to a Plenum mounted on the bottom of the Mistaway (see Installation Accessories). 4) The Mistaway can be installed on a Portable Cart with Extraction Arm and moved from one machine to another as needed.
You can check filter pricing on the Replacement Filters Tab in our on-line store.
The large gauge on the front of the Mistaway is a differential pressure gauge and indicates the filter restriction. When the needle climbs into the yellow area air flow is reducing and filter maintenance is needed soon.
The filters prior to the Main Filter are washable and reusable. The Main Filter is not washable and should be changed as needed. Typical life of the Main Filter is approximately 1 year but can vary depending on the application and conditions.
If you are producing smoke or “liquid smoke” in your machining process the After Filter is designed to capture this smoke. The Main Filter in the Mistaway will capture larger smoke particles but smaller smoke particles may get through. In some cases, the amount of smoke that passes through the main filter may be acceptable and other cases this may not. This would be up to the customer and they should consider the overall shop ventilation and the level of filtration desired. The type of oil mist to be filtered should also be considered. In water soluble oil applications, the mist particles are larger than straight oil mist particles. Therefor in straight oil applications the After Filter option should be considered. The After Filter requires a Mounting Kit that is a simple bolt-on to the Mistaway unit by the user. The After Filter also includes the option for a Combination Hepa and Carbon Filter. The Activated Carbon filter is to help control odors and absorb gaseous pollutants.
There is no on/off switch on the MA400, MA700, or MA1200 because the mist collector is usually mounted on top of the machine and out of easy reach. We recommend using the Mist Manager to control the Mist Collector on/off cycles because It automatically turns the mist collector on and off as needed. This will avoid the possibility of operators neglecting to turn the mist collector on when it is needed or forgetting to turn it off when it is not needed. The Mist Manager includes an internal timer that will run the mist collector for 5 minutes after the coolant shuts off to evacuate mist from the machine enclosure. In the past users have modified their machines to operate the mist collector using m-codes and installing a timer relay. The Mist Manager will do the same job without the m-codes or any machine modifications.
You do not necessarily need a Speed Control, but you will need a method to turn on and off the mist collector. You can use the speed control to manually turn the Mistaway on & off or the Mist Manager to turn it on & off automatically, or both if speed control and auto on/off is desired. The speed control does have certain benefits. If you reduce the fan speed and can still evacuate enough mist from the enclosure your mist collector maintenance will be reduced, and filter life will be extended.
The Main Filter in the Mistaway is a high efficiency rated at Merv 14, and will catch 90 – 95% of mist particles in the 1.0 to 3.0 micron particle size range. The optional After Filter will catch 95% of particles down to .3 microns.
The Mistaway collector has a (1) year warranty and is returnable within (60) days (if unused and in new condition). Returned items are subject to 15% restocking fee. Returned items to be shipped pre-paid with full insurance added. MA1200 to be shipped by truck only. The Mistaway Collector is Made in USA by Mistaway Filtration Systems, Troy, NY.